Who We Are

My Hope Bag is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing bags of hope and comfort, as well as resources and wellness education for those diagnosed with breast cancer in Arizona.
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We Love Volunteers!

Our organization is volunteer-run. That means we need YOU! Whatever your skills or abilities, there is always a place for you at My Hope Bag. From making follow-up calls and deliveries, to building displays and assembling bags. We welcome your help!
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Help provide tangible support and valuable resources for those diagnosed with breast cancer. Whether you sponsor an event, cover the cost of HOPE Bags & mammograms, or donate to the general fund, every dollar counts.

What is My Hope Bag?

We deliver bags of HOPE and breast cancer resources to members of your community, making a difference in Arizona, one bag of HOPE at a time.

For nearly a decade, My Hope Bag has devoted its energy to passionately supporting the breast cancer community. Whether it’s a hand-delivered bag of HOPE filled with local resources and other comforting items, regular communication, or emotional support, My Hope Bag is committed to making sure no one in Arizona faces breast cancer alone.

Getting to Know

I started My Hope Bag after my own journey with breast cancer. While going through my journey, I thought “they” needed to have a bag of HOPE for women going through this. It is my heartfelt desire to help answer questions, comfort and encourage others and help lighten their load while facing the fight of their life.

I have reached out to almost 1,000 women since our inception. Every bag of HOPE delivered means one more person knows that she is loved and cared about by someone who understands what she is going through.  I am currently co-chair on the Hope Sister program where we are training other survivors to be able to reach out to women with a bag of HOPE and comfort.

Meet Our Team Of Hope