If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community and would like to volunteer with My Hope Bag, we’d love to have you! Whether it’s assembling bags (to be delivered or mailed), sewing hearts, making blankets, following up with former bag recipients, soliciting donations for silent auction items and/or bag contents, manning our booth and/or helping at local events, or sharing our information with Women’s Centers and Doctor offices, we are happy to have you join our team of caring volunteers.


Please fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch with you soon! Thank you for your interest in My Hope Bag.

How are you interested in volunteering?*
 Assembling Bags
 Delivering Bags
 Making Blankets (Which Go In Bags)
 Sewing Hearts (Which Go In Bags)
 Following Up With Former Bag Recipients Via Phone Call
 Following Up With Former Bag Recipients Via Handwritten Card/Note
 Soliciting Items For Silent Auctions Or Raffles
 Soliciting Items To Be Donated For Bag Contents
 Manning A "My Hope Bag" Booth At A Community Event
 Helping At A "My Hope Bag" Event
 Delivering Information To Doctor's Offices/Women's Centers During Normal Working Hours
 Marketing/Public Relations

 Data Entry
 Phone Calls - Mornings Only
 Phone Calls - Afternoons Only
 Phone Calls - Evenings Only
 Phone Calls - Weekends Only
 Phone Calls - Any Time
 Anything That Is Needed
 Something Not Listed - I Will Email Info@MyHopeBag.org To Let You Know