Bingo for Boobies in Queen Creek, AZ

By Sarah Ellery

Bingo for Boobies is back in the East Valley.  It will be on September 2, 2022, at the Encanterra Community Clubhouse in Queen Creek.

Robyn Zepeda received her angel wings two months ago. When I shared a vision with Robyn about a respite center for breast cancer women to gather and share what they are going through, we both exclaimed how much hope and encouragement would flow among these women.  The first thing Robyn said was, “I want to help!”

This center will provide speakers who will share our warrior’s education, inspiration, resources, laughter, and most of all comradery. As well, there will be a garden from which breast cancer warriors can pick fresh produce or sit on a patio and enjoy the peacefulness. It will be part of Robyn’s legacy with My Hope Bag and will be appropriately named Robyn’s Nest.

When you join us on September 2, you will have a chance to participate in a raffle from which funds will lay the cornerstone for Robyn’s Nest. My Hope Bag has many programs to service the breast cancer community.  By attending Bingo for Boobies, you will be a part of continuing those programs.

To purchase tickets,