Our Warrior, Robyn

By Sarah Ellery

Robyn & Sarah

Our dear Robyn Zepeda gently received her angel wings after such an intense fight against cancer. She was a force to be reckoned with and cancer did everything it could to beat her down.

Robyn fought hard and was a beacon of light to those with whom she came in contact. She will be missed by many. I, for one, have lost a business colleague and a deeply loved very special friend.

From the first day we met, Robyn was here to help others. She made the calls, traveled the distance, and never let anything get in her way. When cancer reared its ugly head, she would say, “Not now, you beast.” And on she went.  In her time with My Hope Bag, Robyn headed the Hope Sister program and trained women to venture out into the breast cancer community to serve newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. She grew the program to extend into the West Valley.


Robyn & Toni

Robyn sat on My Hope Bag’s Board of Directors as Board Secretary. One day she took My Hope Bag’s By-Laws and read them with a fine-tooth comb.  She felt they needed to be an example of the preciseness we hold with the organization.

Robyn didn’t wait to be asked to promote My Hope Bag, she was always in the trenches. She had literature in her car and extra chemo caps, scarves, and anything else she might need so she was prepared if she met someone with breast cancer.

She believed in My Hope Bag and always talked about its future. When I told her about our vision for a respite center where warriors can go and be away from their cancer world for a short time, I barely got the words out when she said, “I want to help develop that!”

She always wanted to take the next step to help others.

Robyn & Beth


To say this mighty warrior will be missed is an extreme understatement. She had a huge heart that cancer was unable to penetrate.

She is loved by many and will continue to be a very important part of My Hope Bag. Please take a moment to listen to “Warrior” sung by Hannah Kerr.

“When she fell down, she got stronger. Every scar on her skin was a reminder of when she didn’t give in.”

Rest well, my dear sweet Robyn.



Our Warrior, Robyn