It’s October once again

By Stephanie Kennelly

It’s October. What once was ghosts, pumpkins, and changing leaves for me, is now also, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My first October in the Breast Cancer Club.

October 1st- I froze. I thought, maybe I could just stick my head in the sand, Halloween would come, and the month would go away.

After retreating to my favorite place, I found the words. Better late than never. And my intention is to help others and contribute to my own healing. So here we go.

Breast cancer awareness for yourself:

I will never stop telling my story. I found my lump. In the shower at age 37, three years before my first mammogram. When I had my first period at age 12, my doctor told me to do breast exams in the shower once a month. Good habits start early, and this useful piece of advice saved my life. Do your breast exams. Have daughters? Teach them. While you’re at it, check in with your whole body- and listen. Then advocate.

Breast cancer awareness for your people:

You know, or will know, someone with breast cancer. Let me tell you, I could not have gotten through it alone. Always feel free to give out my contact information. My purpose is a connection, so I am more than happy to have conversations. Also Firefly Sisterhood, Imerman Angels, and After Breast Cancer Diagnosis provide one-on-one mentorship for free. The first step after the diagnosis? Connect.

Breast cancer awareness for the community:

Pinkwashing is a thing. Organizations profiting off of Pinktober. If you are looking for organizations to support- I have recommendations.

GVL Thrive- (the program I founded!)

Non-Profits that helped me-…