United Aviate Academy volunteers to assemble My Hope Bags

By Sarah Ellery

Monday, October 24, My Hope Bag traveled to United Aviate Academy in Goodyear to meet with some of their staff and students. United Aviate Academy trains future pilots with United Airlines. We had a delightful time with them while they assembled 50 bags for our future use. They also bagged the bracelets for the bags, bagged thank you cards, and assembled Thrive Causemetics into Thrive Causemetics cosmetic bags which also went into the bags.

A big thank you to Sherri who coordinated the event. Thank you also to staff members Carmen and Pam as well as students DeAnna, Isabelle, Brittney, and Jinhua. The ladies assembled the bags with all contents in a little over an hour.  One suggested we bring 200 bags next time. I said, “Done!”

Their generosity saved My Hope Bag hours of assembling bags on an as-needed basis. Thank you again, lovely ladies. We had a great time and sure look forward to future events with you.