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My Hope Bag Hope Sisters

If you received a bag from My Hope Bag, it was no doubt delivered by lovely women we affectionately refer to as Hope Sisters. These ladies train to share hope and wisdom with warriors recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  They spend time with the bag recipient and let them share what they are experiencing.

The Hope Sister is able to give hope through her own experience, the items in the bag, and the Resource Guide that former recipients were able to combine abilities to produce, which is a part of the bag.

If you are interested in learning more about this special program including training to become a Hope Sister, please contact or

MHB Backpack Drive

By Angie Jones

My Hope Bag supplied backpacks to Hope Bag recipient families in need of school supplies, on July 14, 2023. My Hope Bag partnered with East Valley Injury Law who assisted in packing and distributing the backpacks. 15 Children from 7 former bag recipients were able to “shop” for their own backpacks and lunch boxes which made the event more fun!!

Cheryl, front desk employee for East Valley Injury Law, had a great time passing out goodies to the children as they entered the building. A huge thank you to the companies who participated in this event: East Valley Injury Law, Evans Garrey, and Amazon. Without their support, this event would not have been possible!!

Thank you to everyone else who donated and to the volunteers who helped make this event happen! If you are interested in volunteering with My Hope Bag, please contact the Volunteer Team at

The Man Behind the Woman

By Sarah Ellery

We lost the most amazing man, Brian Ellery, on March 7 this year. Brian would affectionately introduce himself to people as “The Man Behind the Woman”. My loving husband was chatting with me one minute, and the next minute he

wasn’t. Life is so fragile. Brian was always there for My Hope Bag right by my side. He loved meeting new people and always enjoyed talking with anyone associated with breast cancer.

He was friends with everyone he met. And he loved all of the My Hope Bag events and watching me get so excited about how many more warriors we were going to serve. But more than all of that was his devotion to his family. He was a loving husband and an amazing father to three wonderful children and one incredible grandson. To say he is missed is an understatement.

We know he is sharing Dad jokes in Heaven and asking God all of those questions of why life happens as it does that he referenced so many times. Hug your loved ones and let them know how much you love them. Don’t take a day for granted, you never know how many you have. We appreciate and thank you for your notes, thoughtful gifts, and being there to help us carry on without Brian.

We love and miss him very much.