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West Valley Hope Sisters

My Hope Bag’s main program is the Hope Sister program. This is a group of ladies who, after training, deliver the Bags to breast cancer warriors. This is a one-on-one visit at the warrior’s home or a public place. The warrior is given the opportunity to talk about her own journey and the Hope Sister, most likely being a survivor herself, will listen and answer questions where she can. The Hope Sister presents the Bag with comfort items which are mostly handmade and will then assess the level of service My Hope Bag can provide.

From its inception, My Hope Bag has covered the East Valley and Central Phoenix.  As the need started rising, My Hope Bag expanded to the West Valley. We would like to encourage more Hope Sisters to serve in the West Valley. If you are a breast cancer survivor, or a current or former caregiver, and would like to serve in our Hope Sister program, please contact We are also interested in a Coordinator for that area. We would love to share more with you about this program.

Robyn & Beth

Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day

By Linda Vuolo

October 18, 2023

This event was very helpful and educational. Banner MD Anderson provided space for several BRA-related vendors to set up their information and share with visitors who ranged from patients and supporters to medical staff. They also shared information from some of their physicians as well as physical therapists and patient testimonials. Our own Linda Vuolo shared her reconstruction experience at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center (BMDACC). Though non-technical, Linda’s advice is a culmination of her experience through her breast cancer/reconstruction journey. Always get as much information as you can before making a decision for treatment.  Here is her testimonial.

My name is Linda Vuolo.  Thank you for allowing me to tell my story and 4 lessons that I learned. September 25, 2019 – That is when I heard the words ‘You have breast cancer’. Wait what? Me?

Lesson 1: Don’t Check Dr. Google!!

Lesson 2: If you can, have someone with you to listen and HEAR what is being said and to take notes

When you have to have a mastectomy, this is what we do…

Needless to say, the conveyor belt won

Lesson 3: LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. If you don’t have a good feeling or feel you and the Dr are not a good match, MOVE ON. There are plenty of other qualified surgeons to choose from. It was bad enough having cancer, but I was sooo depressed and felt disfigured.

Enter Dr. Michael Miller at BMDACC. He had just arrived to start building his plastics team.

Lesson 4: Do not stop until you are satisfied. There are many qualified surgeons out there who do not subscribe to the conveyor belt methodology.

 So, let’s review:

Take a breath…ugly cry when you need to let it out, then pull up your big girl panties and take control of your treatment.

You CAN do this.

Thank you for listening to my story.”

Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) Parts Conference

September 24, 2023

Daimler Truck NA holds a charity event/dinner as part of their Annual Parts Conference. Daimler’s Sandra Todd told My Hope Bag, “I selected your charity because I love that you put together a Hope Bag for those who are going through breast cancer.  I think it’s amazing that the people who deliver the bags are also breast cancer survivors or caregivers who understand what the person is going through. I love everything about what you are doing to help those through an extremely tough time in their life.”

Sandra continued, “As we are ending the month of September and going into the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, I thought what better way to end the month than to share your organization with our event to help kick off the next month!  My company would like to make a $10,000 donation for My Hope Bag.” Other donations during the evening equaled $1300. Thank you Daimler for your generosity.

My Hope Bag shared a little about how it helps men and women with breast cancer.  Having a predominantly male audience, gave us the opportunity to encourage men to have an annual breast cancer checkup as well as women. It was great to be able to share that information with over 400 people at the event.  If you want more information about men’s breast cancer, please contact  Thank you Daimler Truck NA!


Breast Cancer Resource Expo

September 30, 2023

After three years of not holding the Breast Cancer Resource Expo due to COVID-19, My Hope Bag happily gathered together and held the Breast Cancer Resource Expo on September 30 in Chandler. There were 30 vendors who were able to reach out to breast cancer warriors and their families. Close to 200 guests walked through the hall and received much-desired information to help them through their breast cancer journey.

So many people joined our Village of Hope to make this a meaningful day for all. Officer Timothy Letson led the police department’s Cadet Post #2055, Shelby, Vanessa, Matthieu, Ryan, and Jacob who all happily served visitors attending the Expo as well as Officer Grit Caton. Nick Ciletti, Channel 15 news anchor, visited with the vendors and drew winners for the raffle prizes.

Thank you to all of our participating vendors!!